About us

Auxality was founded in Stockholm August 2018 with the goal of solving the ever-constant problem of businesses not utilizing the full potential of technology. We are driven by the idea of providing premium services, with teams of experts, that truly make a difference on the bottom line of our clients’ business.

Auxality employs Technology Specialists and Advisors whose experience and knowledge bridges the divide between the person who operates the systems but isn’t authorized or able to suggest business-driven improvements; and the person who has the mandate and ability to make improvements but lacks the proximity needed to make a fully informed decision. Therefore, Auxality always builds teams around insight and mandate in order to operate and develop client solutions on both the technological level as well as the business level.

Based on industry knowledge and technological expertise, the Auxality model enables our clients to improve and develop their core business. We provide a range of services within our three business areas: Advisory & Business Transformation, Development and Operations. The common denominator in everything we offer consists of the following key components – mandate, insight and creative minds.

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Our Team

Technology is only as strong as the hand that wields it and eventually, business always comes down to the people. Meet our team and learn more about what each person brings to the table.


George Sallfeldt

Founder and CEO


George started his career in 1993 by working as a consultant for the Swedish company WM-data (later Logica, currently CGI) where he learned about the complex IT industry. In 2001 George stepped in as CEO for Morningstar Sweden AB, a leading provider of data and ratings within the financial industry. He led the successfully growing Swedish entity for close to 17 years.

  • Systems Engineer, Stockholm and Lisbon
  • MBA in Financial Management, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
  • Integrated leadership, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)
What George brings to Auxality

“I founded Auxality with the goal of solving the ever-constant problem of businesses not utilizing the full potential of technology. I bring enthusiasm, strategic insight and a strong value system where empowering people is at the core of my beliefs. Together I know we can make a real difference for the clients we serve, ensuring that technology works in their favour.”


Kevin Gelotte

Member of the board and Vice CEO


Kevin started his career at Morningstar Sweden AB working with analyzing fund data and sustainable investments. Later on, he joined the financial consultancy firm FCG where he mainly worked with banks, fund companies and investment firms. In his role as consultant he among other things served as interim CFO, carried out financial reporting towards the Swedish Financial Authority (governments and other external parties) and developed an automated platform for the reporting of financial metrics.

  • M.Sc. in Engineering, major in Risk Management, Umeå University
  • Banking and Finance, University of Zürich
  • B.S. Business administration, Umeå University
What Kevin brings to Auxality

”At Auxality we pride ourselves at really and truly focusing on the client’s business goals and needs, something which I believe I have the right tools and mindset to contribute to. I am excited by the task of providing a service where we challenge our clients to change their vantage points and take in new, creative ways of working.”


Nenad Mirkov

Head of Research and Development


Nenad developed his interest in computers and programming back in the middle of the 80s. He learned to program on the 8-bit home computer Commodore 64 and its BASIC v2. His professional career started in 2000 when he started his own company for providing IT services to personal and business clients. He also worked with education as a Mathematics and Information Technologies teacher for 11 years and was a school principal. But during all these years, Nenad retained close touch to his primary passion which was programming, so he worked with IT company Infora Research Group as a backend and mobile developer.

  • BSc in Technical Science
  • MSc in Business Economics
What Nenad brings to Auxality

“During my career I have developed management skills along with my passion for technology and programming. I am confident that I can merge these skills now to create a great and productive environment in Serbia where Auxality have its development Teams. My dream is to create teams that can fulfill their goals efficiently and successfully deal with the challenges they face. I believe that our teams will provide the best service possible. “


Ulf Sallfeldt

Chairman of the Board


Ulf has worked in the IT industry for over 40 years where a large portion of his career was spent at EDS, later acquired by HP. He started out in the mid 70-ies, developing and implementing mainframe solutions for Workforce Management. Ulf has primarily worked with business transformation and optimization of business processes through better usage of technological solutions. It was very important with new global delivery models, and Ulf led a team that implemented these solutions in more than 40 countries, designing solutions with various combinations of “off shore”, “near shore” and “on shore” models.

  • Technical Engineer, Örebro Technical University
  • Certified Enterprise Business Architecture
What Ulf brings to Auxality

”The challenge in business transformation today is quite different from the situation forty years’ ago when organizations for the most part were introduced to IT for the first time. Today many generations of IT-technologies, both from an infrastructure and applications perspective – adding cloud solution, IoT and more matured users to the mix – means that solutions will be complex even with small changes. In this environment I see that old foxes like me have experience that can help build robust and solid transformation roadmaps that are truly executable.”


Robert Rudinski

Member of the board


Robert is a successful entrepreneur and celebrated business owner with over 20 years’ experience in owning and running restaurants in central Stockholm. Solid reviews and fully booked dining rooms have become the norm in the restaurants Robert owns and runs according to his strict service principles.

Robert has a passion for creating spaces and interiors, for design, for the continuous labour of quality assurance and the development of an idea from start to finish. His love of food and drink has led him to branching out, creating his own brand for fruit brandy, winning various global design awards for the Rudinski Fruit Brandy. His entrepreneurship stretches from developing organic vineyards and farms to restaurants and cocktail bars. Recently his cocktail bar Tjoget got ranked 32nd on the list of the 50 best bars in the world.

What Robert brings to Auxality

“I am very excited to partake in a business venture on a market that is somewhat new to me but where my experience in customer service is highly needed. The IT business can in my opinion use an overhaul in terms of quality assurance and customer focus, and here is where I know I can contribute to making Auxality a premium brand.”