How we ended up in Subotica


Have you ever wondered how Auxality ended up in a city on the northern border of Serbia, Subotica? Check out the article in Serbia's national newspaper "Blic". It's our CEO George Sallfeldt explaining what brought him and made him establish a company in Serbia...


Creating a bright future for Subotica!


Yesterday, at our brand-new office, we held a press conference and presented the project - IT Subotica 2030, together with Subotica’s IT companies and educational institutions...


Making Earth a better place


Let’s make Subotica and its surroundings more green and let's raise ecological awareness!..




We would like to present Milos Jovanic Zaki, Diana Tot and Luka Patarčić who have started working at our Subotica office about half a year ago. The impressive trio has shown great skills, creativity and ambition together as a team but also independently. We’re happy that all three have chosen to stay with us and keep writing the Auxality saga...


Subotica will be the IT center of this part of Europe


August will be the month when the Swedish IT company "Auxality" will celebrate two years of successful business, thanks to the vision of one of the founders and director George Salfeldt, this company has its office in Subotica. The tucked-in office in the very center of the city, in Dimitrija Tucovića Street, represents only the first step in the realization of our interlocutor's idea to make Subotica a regional IT center...


Why go to Sweden, when Sweden can come to Subotica


You finish college, you gain concrete and practical knowledge, you put a diploma in your backpack, a passport in your pocket and go to Sweden! That is roughly the thinking of the average academic in Serbia. Already sees himself/herself somewhere in the north of Europe...